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Best Fake Tan for Fitness

There has been a significant increase in the sales of melanotan thanks to viral tiktok videos. According to Cosmetics Business these are not safe and still require you to expose yourself to UV rays. They recommend the safest way is to fake it! I suffer from melasma and there’s is no way I’d even try a peptide for fear of creating more blotches on my face.

Fake tan can also offer some additional benefits. For instance, it can help to disguise imperfections such as cellulite, stretch marks, and bruises. It can also give the skin a healthy glow and make it look more even. As a result, fake tan can be a great way to enhance your appearance.

For those who are into fitness, like me, you’re going to want to read this article for a fake tan review on another level. Don’t read no magazine or insta influencer pitch. This is an unpaid, honest review of some popular and new entrants to the fake tan market you may not have heard about. I personally bought all this tan myself to review, to help you find your perfect tan! 

What’s in my review criteria 


Bronzers can be found in many fake tans. When Bronzers are used, they can help to create a more even application of the self-tanner. They assist in an even application. However, a downside is tans with bronzers means the transfer rating will be high. 
I’m personally not a fan of bronzers but I’ll showcase the level of bronzer for you to decide. 


Many people are hesitant to try fake tan because they worry about the smell. Developed tan smell is the name for the specific odor that is produced when DHA reacts with your skin. While it is not pleasant, it is not necessarily harmful. The scent will usually dissipate within a few hours. In some cases, it can linger for up to 24 hours. However, you can minimize the smell by exfoliating before you apply the tanner. Most importantly, be sure to choose a high-quality product from a reputable brand. This will help to ensure that the scent is as mild as possible.


If you’re like me, I like to sleep in my fake tan to get the darkest result. There is nothing worse than having your sheets look dirty after a tanning session. I’m not going to buy those synthetic tanzee sleeping bags either as I need my skin and body to breathe. Here, I’ll rank the transfer element. I even take photos of my sheets post-tan to give you guys an idea of what you’re in for. 


We all want a tan that lasts. Here I’ll post a photo of Day 1 and then Day 7. So you can see how well each tan lasted and the colour depth. I usually tan on a Thursday but for this review I’ll change my tan night to Friday so that I can get a photo Saturday morning in similar lighting. Also so I don’t forget Friday morning before work. 

The Results  

Alpha Tan 

Bondi Sands 

Mine Tan


Fox Tan

Fusion Tan





Fake Tan Finder

Here I summarise all the tans that were road tested. this guide shows you where to buy, delivery performance, bronzer, transfer, tan results and smell. 





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