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6 Months out - Tips for your show

If you’re considering competing in a WBFF or other bodybuilding show, here’s some things you need to consider before embarking on the journey to stage. 

I’ve compiled my suggestions for competitors at 6 months prior to a show. 

If you're new to the sport, the term used to describe the process in getting shredded for the stage is called "prep".  It wasn't that long ago and I was just like you looking to start prep. Envisioning myself looking like Hattie Boydle, Lauren Simpson and Emily King, but with no freaking clue on how or where to start. There was minimal information online, other than in YouTube videos. So in my attempt to help other people I have noted down some things that you may find helpful in a world with so many sources of information. Namely Instagram, however you can never remember what was in that YouTube, reel or post from way back yonder when you need it.  

Step 1- Find a coach 

Ideally you should have identified one 12 months before your planned show date as they need to understand how your body will react in prep and chose a federation that will suits where you are at.
But as a minimum your prep will get serious about 6 months out. 

Tip! Interview a few coaches before deciding on one. 

A good coach can make or break your prep so think hard about your choice. Consider face to face, do they PT you, can they do body fat pinches, are they strict diet or flex are some of the questions you should look at. Everybody has different needs.

Are you low maintenance, point and go or do you need constant reassurance and daily messages? 

Communicate your expectations early. Consider personality here and maybe even star signs if you're that way inclined. Clashing heads is highly probable when you get tired and depleted and your coach is getting pulled a million directions. Be realistic and understand that they are also human and you are responsible for executing the plan. They are responsible for the plan and adjusting it as needed.   

 Picture: Coach Hadi from 3DimensionsFitness and his team of winners! 2021 April GC show.

Step 2- Book your bikini designer 

If you want to design a bikini in your favorite color, you need to find a designer 6 months out or you will be stuck with an off-the-shelf-bikini or Facebook marketplace special. If you want to save, start looking now on second hand pages. There is nothing wrong with a second hand bikini for your first competition. I have had the funds to create my own unique designs and thoroughly enjoyed the process.  
Theme wear for is another cost and item to plan.  

Hint: Don't forget your theme wear. You cant just buy it online or at the costume shop. 

Picture: All4me custom bikini. 

Step 3 - Find a posing coach (or two)

Posing is a contortion of your body and is extremely difficulty to master. Get a posing coach as soon as the idea comes to mind you might compete. If you think you might compete, I would even recommend you find a coach and a posing coach 12 months out. 

Tip: You can never be over prepared in posing

You also should get a pair of heels off your bikini designer now and practice walking. Think baby giraffe vibes here. If you want to add different aspects and flair - get a second coach but make sure you tell them you are working with a few people. 
I’ll be showcasing a blog of WBFF posing coaches so stay tuned for more.  

Step 4- Book travel now 

Once you’ve committed to a show date get your flights and accommodation booked. Leaving this last minute adds extra costs.  Do not think you will find a cheap last minute deal...unless you have a van you can sleep in. 

Step 5- Progress measurement 

Start measuring your weights, centimeters, millimeters pinches and document progress with videos and photographs. You will want to look back at these to see your progress. Even if you start this before prep I guarantee you will not be sad you have one million billion trillion photos of you. You will be sad if you have one. 

Trust me: Take the darn picture. Then post it too. Be proud of your hard work! 

Step 6 - Book a shoot and stylist 

Good photographers book out and require deposits early. See my blog for a list of photographers I have worked with. 
Then get a stylist! They know what looks good in photos and can save you money long term. 
I’ll do a blog in future on ideas for shoots stylist and if you want to DIY. 
Book HMUA early also. Nothing more stressful than finding one of those last minute!!  When photographers do a tour they will typically partner with stylist and HMUA. Make sure you ask if they can provide and if not, book them in! 

Notes: The WBFF will announce when tan, hair and makeup appointments are available so don't worry about these just yet. They bring in a whole team to take care of the event. You book these all online via their website.  

Picture: J Brodie pre April 2021 GC show. 

By WBFF Fitness Diva Pro - Laura McKenzie, founder of Staple Active.  

Stay tuned for more helpful hints and blogs. 

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