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Weightlifting tips; the benefits of using a belt

Staple Active has created a belt specifically for women weight lifters. The company addressed several deficiencies in belt designs, such as the lack of back padding and contoured shape for smaller waist widths. All to fit female body types properly - especially petite ones!

The benefits of weightlifting belt are: 

  1. Supports your spine 
  2. Gives your core something to push against for enhanced stability; and 
  3. Improved performance. 

WBFF Pro Laura McKenzie has been designing weightlifting belts for anyone seeking comfort and support during their lifts since she found that when bending over using a traditional lever belt, it jams my ribs.

Traditionally lever arch belts are used by male weightlifters as the lever ensures you can get the firmest fit around your midsection using the lever mechanism. This is a superior style of fastener than a typical buckle or Velcro belt. However, the standard belts are designed and targeted for men and not for females, especially petite females. 

Another shortfall Staple Active addressed was the missing back padding in lever arch weight lifting belts. 

So for this modern age where women are more commonly seen in the weights room, this we a much needed product to make lifting comfortable and secure. 

The features of the Boss weight lifting belt are game changing; 

  1. Contoured design to fit women's waist lines;  
  2. Back padding for comfort to prevent any void between the back the belt mid lift;  
  3. Lever arch to ensure fitness and correct tension; 
  4. Sleek and luxe high quality leather; 
  5. Adjustable fit to cover any bulk or shred using a basic screwdriver; 
  6. Colors to suit the most discerning taste; and 
  7. All belts sold come with a carry bag as an added inclusion.