The Complete Guide To Dry Shampoo And Why It's A Game Changer in Hair Care

The Complete Guide To Dry Shampoo And Why It's A Game Changer in Hair Care

What is dry shampoo and why should you use it?

Dry shampoo is a product that helps you to look fresh and clean in between washes. It is primarily used by people who have oily hair or those who don’t have time to wash their hair everyday.

Dry shampoo comes in powder form and is applied directly on the roots of your hair, usually at the crown of your head. You then rub it into the scalp with your fingers, let it sit for 2-5 minutes and then brush out any excess product. The dry shampoo will absorb oil from your scalp, giving you a fresh look without having to wash your hair.

Some dry shampoos can also be used as styling products, adding volume and texture to your hair when applied on the ends of the strands. These products are called volumizing dry shampoos, which are often marketed as “dirty” or “smoothing” formulas depending on what they do for one's locks.

What is in dry shampoo?

Some key ingredients in dry shampoo are:

  • Quaternium 15: This ingredient is an antimicrobial agent, which means it prevents bacterial growth and reduces odor.
  • Propylene Glycol: This ingredient helps keep dry shampoo from clumping together when it comes out of the bottle.
  • Corn Starch: This ingredient absorbs excess oil on the scalp, which can lead to less oily hair.
  • Silica: This ingredient absorbs moisture, which helps prevent frizziness in your hair.
  • Fragrance - you want your hair to smell nice so many have fragrance added. 

So what are the best ones? 

Here’s out user friendly matrix to help you find one that’s in your budget that will deliver the results you need.

The best but with the price tag;

- Kevin Murphy $46

- Evo Water Killer $42 

Best options for great results without breaking the bank are;

- Toni and Guy $15

- Klorane $22

Dry shampoo product finder;