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Meet Laura, Your Online Trainer and Founder

Meet your online coach, Laura who has a true passion for helping individuals achieve ambitious fitness goals and enjoy the process! 

Driven by the desire to create functional and cute gym accessories, Laura first launched the Staple Active label in 2021. Her vision was to empower others to enjoy their workouts and look their best while doing it. Fast forward to now, Staple Active has evolved into a coaching brand.

Laura, a certified personal trainer and FMG Wellness Pro, thrives on empowering her clients through science-based nutrition and training programs.

To help you perform at your peak, Laura focuses on the following:

  • Mindset: The beauty of working one-on-one with a coach is that you can also work on other aspects of your fitness journey, such as your mindset.

  • Accountability: All your coaching is managed through the Staple Active App, allowing you to organise your check-ins and stay on track with your nutrition and training programs.

  • Flexibility: A holistic approach is paramount to achieving your goals and enjoying the process! We do not prioritise processed foods, but we certainly try to integrate foods you enjoy so you can achieve your goals and maintain sustainability.

Our Premium Fitness Plans

Are you just starting out in the gym or already training regularly and looking to level up your results? You’ve come to the right place!

Check out my coaching services, and let’s work out a game plan to optimise your nutrition and training programs. 

Our fitness plans cater to different needs and goals. Whether you’re after fat loss, trying to build muscle, or boosting your metabolism, I have a plan for you!

  • Entry Squad

    • 12 weeks of online training programs
    • Nutrition program
    • One adjustment to programming 
    • Initial 30 min video call consultation
    • Fitness plans run through Staple Active App

    Learn More 
  • Lifestyle Squad

    • 12 weeks of online training programs
    • Personalised nutrition program
    • Multiple adjustments to programming
    • Initial 30-minute consultation
    • 24/7 support from Laura
    • Fitness plans run through Staple Active App
    Learn More 
  • Elite Squad

    • 12 Weeks of online training programs
    • Personalised nutrition program
    • Multiple adjustments to programming
    • Initial 30 minute video call consultation
    • 24/7 support from Laura
    • Weekly check-In and progress review via Staple Active App
    Learn More 
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Our Gym Accessories

Time to let your gym accessories do the talking. Training with the right gear is paramount to achieve your fitness goals.

Not only does it allow you to lift heavier but also improves your form, prevents injuries, and boosts your confidence.

Now, you've got the  gym outfit on point, but don't forget to level up your look with functional accessories that match your style!

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Staple Active Fitness App

All our fitness plans are conducted through the Staple Active Fitness App, so you can enjoy an easy coaching experience and smash your goals.

All online lifestyle coaching covers everything from your training program and movements to perform in the gym to a customised nutrition plan to help you reach your goals.

 Take your online trainer everywhere with you

My clients are busy individuals who strive to achieve ambitious goals while managing work or life responsibilities on the go. The Staple Active app offers intuitive and enjoyable features designed to help you stay organised and cultivate positive habits.

Whether you are on vacation, at home, or on the move, our plans are designed to be accessible, allowing you to access your nutrition plans, check-ins, and training videos from anywhere.

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